I am a recognized national and international immigration attorney.  I am an expert in visa and immigration law.  I help individuals and businesses obtain employment based visas.  Whether you are a physician, researcher, scholar, or entrepreneur, I will help you in obtaining your permanent residency in the United States.  With more than 15 years experience, I am an expert in getting approvals for EB-1 A&B (extraordinary ability/outstanding researcher), National Interest Waiver Permanent Residencies (NIW), J-1 Waivers (IGA, Hardship, State 30 Conrad), PERM, O-1, H-1B, L non-immigration visas.  


Additionally, because of my science background and my expertise, I  get approvals from the USCIS in National Interest Waiver category for IT, Pharmacists, Consultants, and other professionals who are not researchers.  In the event that your permanent residency case is not approved by the USCIS, I will personally provide you with a 33% refund of your service fees upon payment of the full service amount.  I personally handle all aspects of your case.  I am always available to my clients through text, e-mail, and scheduled phone calls. 



I am committed to helping an array of immigrants.  Whether you are a foreigner that is a professional, a student wanting to study or work in the United States, or are a philosopher, quantum physicist, or foreign national seeking permanent residency, I can help you.  Let's Talk! I offer free consultation.



My Law Office processes all non-immigrant visas, including H1-B, O-1, L, TN-1,R-1, E-3.  I process J-1 Waiver applications for researchers and physicians.  I process interested government agencies, State 30 Conrad and Hardship Waivers.  I represent Research Institutions, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Scientists, Specialized Workers in all immigration matters.  I counsel U.S. and Foreign Employers in the latest federal law policies and procedures.



Having worked as a researcher at the University of California at San Diego and the Scripps Research Institute, and as the Head of International Services at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, I have very unique expertise and knowledge to research your field and to ensure that all information on your application is precise and accurate.  I personally will handle your entire application process with the USCIS.  

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